Where is Ducks4You?


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Dec 7, 2009
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San Francisco East Bay
When she just mentioned husband and daughters I thought the same thing, that she wasn't going. But maybe she found someone to take care of the homestead and was able to go. Or perhaps she changed her mind and went with them.



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Sep 4, 2009
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East Central IL, Was Zone 6, Now...maybe Zone 5
WHAT LOVE!!!! :love:love:love
I am So Sorry to not be online!!! I got sick on the 27th, pretty sure it was Covid, and spent the whole day in bed. It looked like my GS, "Eva" had chased the cats all over it!
I had a high fever and some congestion, and was completely wrung out.
It took until 2 days ago for me to feel somewhat normal, and Now I can't smell stuff. I am cleaning the basement and cannot smell the cat and dog there! :lol:
I posted yesterday on my thread, and I did manage to get a few things done, including harvesting.
Dunno HOW I managed to drive the 10 miles to DD's house to feed their cats, but I figured out how to leave them 2 days worth, since they have litter boxes and a large water bowl.
I would work in the yard, including 3 days worth of a one day mowing job, come inside and crash on the bed.
The ONLY "vacation" job I managed to get done was to clean my bedroom. The broken ceiling fan had a full one inch of dust on the blades and I filled a sweeper bag sweeping up the rest of the dust in the room, and cleaning/oiling the woodwork. Every surface, the mattress cover, sheets, blanket and bedspread were washed, and the cream colored sheets and anything else white was bleached, but that's bc I bleach ANYTHING I can.
No more sneezing, since the dust was the reason, and now when I go to bed and wake up I am in the cleanest room in the house.
Seriously, though, I haven't been sick with ANYTHING for the past 3 years. I had been burning both ends of the candle and I ran myself down to nothing, so that's what happens.
NOW, I have Covid antibodies, which is Much better than the spike proteins I was injected with.
Thx SO MUCH to care!!! 😍😍😍