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Love living off the land, being OUTDOORS, hunting, fishing & starting a Permaculture yard. AVID DIY'er Your Trash...My TREASURE!
I just love planting my garden, watching our chickens scratch around, our dogs chilling in the shade and the goats getting into trouble.
Hey Dee, would you have the time to video chat with me sometime and maybe help me figure out a plan for my future neighborhood garden? I'm really bad at design, I would love to have an experienced female gardener help me get my head on straight
Carol Dee
Carol Dee
Oh Boy! thanks for the offer but I am hopeless at the video stuff. Old computer and even older me. Lucky to post phots. Thistlebloom comes to mind. After all she does that for a living!
Hi Sumi,

How are you?
I've been silently hoping for an update on your restauratiion of the old shed since october. Are you still working on it?

Greetings from Holland,
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Hi, with winter (10 hours of daylight) and snow and rain outside work stopped. I'm looking at it and thinking about continuing working on it. I should, after all the work I've done so far! Next step is getting that huge tree out though... HOW that is going to happen, I don't know yet...