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    Goin' to the Dogs!

    Miniature wiener puppy, long haired. It’s DDs 4th mini-dachshund. We got her first when she was 9 years old.
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    Baymule’s 2021 Garden

    I bought a Family Grain Mill. I bought the electric motor, the hand crank was free. It will not grind flint corn, it’s too hard. I’m ok with that, never grew flint corn types anyway. I got my best deal at but look...
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    Rammy's 2021 Garden

    You have outdone yourself this year on your garden. Lots of good vegetables for fresh eating, freezing and canning.
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    Price increases and shortages

    That sounds good!
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    Baymule’s 2021 Garden

    I have to pull before it gets totally dry. Last year I just pulled the shucks back and tied in bunches. I hung the bunches from rafters in the porch to finish drying, but it got weevils in it. This time I have it in the house to finish drying.
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    Baymule’s 2021 Garden

    Yes using the fat pad under your thumb makes sense. On dry loose corn, you can just twist it off.
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    Price increases and shortages

    Stupid auto correct! Arepa recipe?
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    Baymule’s 2021 Garden

    It’s about half dry. It may take a couple of weeks to fully dry. Then I shell, using the ol’ thumbs, put in gallon zip lock bags and put in freezer to kill any bugs. After about a week, I take it out, I’ve separated out the colors before to see if I’d get red or pink cornbread, but it was still...
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    Price increases and shortages

    I have a grain mill so can store the corn kernels and milk up a quart or half gallon jar of meal.
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    Price increases and shortages

    Do you use cornmeal now? Often? It’s not a pricy item so if you seldom use it, I wouldn’t bother.
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    No way! I only get JC Penny ads and solar panel ads. Foamy toilet bowl cleaner that doesn’t clean sounds like way more fun!
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    Ducks4you 2021 Ragtag Thread

    Horses can’t get to our burn pile. If they could, Prince would drag stuff all over the place. As it is, the dogs can get to it and Carson thinks we pile all those sticks and branches just for him. Lol
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    Baymule’s 2021 Garden

    I pulled and shucked all the Painted Mountain corn yesterday. Some was moldy, some was starting to sprout. Pigs enjoyed it. Rain and more rain, naturally when I needed sunshine! But I still got a LOT of beautiful corn. I have some on the table and some in washtubs to finish drying. What...
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    Your Weather, 2021

    I’m laughing at your last sentence. You should see my weeds! I picked all the Painted Mountain corn yesterday to finish drying for cornmeal. I think I’m gonna borrow Neigbor Robert’s riding lawnmower and just mow it all down. The ragweed and lambs quarters are over my head, firmly rooted and way...
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    Phaedra's 2021 Garden

    You are so talented in your flower arrangements. Such beauty to bring in the house to enjoy. And you share with neighbors too! How wonderful.