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    How do you get rid of bag worms on apple trees?

    Before your tree starts to leaf out spray it. You can go to your local garden center and get a spray for all sorts of insects. It is best to do this early. If the tree has already leafed out and they have made their nests. Burn the little rascals. You can burn the bags which will help take...
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    Butterfly bush ?

    Thanks I think I live in Zone 5. I decided to wait. temps are suppose to drop this week now.
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    Butterfly bush ?

    I have a butterfly bush that I need to transplant. Can I do it now or should I wait until Spring? It is in the 40's here right now.
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    Got a Presto for xmas!!

    Congratulations. What a great gift. It will pay for itself over and over. I have had mine for at least 30 years and she's (that's right she's) still going strong.
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    When do the ssed catelogs come in?

    I have been getting some in the mail already.:) Makes me have Spring Fever.
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    Toilet Paper Roll Seed Planting Method

    Make them a little taller and then you also have your collar for cut worms. Great idea. Just my luck DH threw out my wrapping paper roll. Oh well. There is always next year.;)
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    Wasp bites....what do you use?

    You can use tobacco juice, ammonia,or a paste made from baking soda and water. There are several other remedies. But the best is the baking soda to me.
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    how do I roast my pumpkin seeds?

    go to they have a step by step method.
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    When to plant fruit trees??

    Jordan the best advice I can give you is to call your extenion agency in your area. They will know for sure.
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    Canning tomatoes without using a pressure cooker??

    You don't want to use a pressure cooker on tomatoes. You'll get mush. All you need for tomatoes is a canner.
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    Come on, people, I need your photos!

    Okay give me a little help how do I post it there. I have uploaded pics but don't know how to get them in the pic of the week. Maybe there are others that don't know either.:idunno
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    Question about drying and roasting sunflower seeds.

    Okay I know several of you are probably going to have fun with this.But has anyone ever dried and roasted sunflower seeds? If so could you tell me what all you did? Thanks
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    Where did all the lightning bugs (fireflies) go this summer?

    Not many here either if any. Strange.
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    Anyone ever make tomato juice?

    Cook your tomatoes first. This will make it easier to run them thru. Then you can run them thru your collander(strainer). When I run them thru I always put the juice in a kettle so I can heat it to a boil and then put it in jars. If you are putting it in quart jars you will add 1 teaspoon of...