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    What is the song or poem weighs up how you feel today??

    this is a bit too poppy for me, but first thing in the morning the opening is fun for my brain:
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    Tomato 2022

    @digitS' i saw your mention of Big Beef and wonder how long you've grown that one? i think we've grown it twice now and while it is a good tomato in terms of production and shape, the hard texture of it just isn't what i'm used to in a fully ripe tomato even if it does can easily and i like...
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    Garden humor thread..

    that's funny and well done and very fitting to a gardening group. :) Rutabaga Rag
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    Growing strawberries in glass bottles?

    i'm sure you could do it. longer term though the issue may come down to the cold and hot volume changes which can break them (where i'm at a bottle with dirt and water enough to grow a plant would probably break after a few winters).
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    all good things to practice and know. :) sometimes a glass of water will help. adding more fiber to your diet will help you feel full longer. if you rest you rust is a phrase we use to remind us that movement is required and a part of life. if you're not moving once in a while that can...
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    2022 Little Easy Bean Network - We Are Beans Without Borders

    i gave it a 2nd chance, last year i had it in more sandy soil and the beans were mostly white to pale lavender - this season they're definitely darker and nicer looking on top of being much better quality overall. Sunset came before Sunrise but they are very similar in pattern (solid color...
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    she's a lot of fun and we try to find things to laugh about. once in a while we get into it about something, but i'm still here and so is she so we're doing ok. :) for sure she has been the only person in my whole life that has been there for me so i'm glad that now i can be here for her as...
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    2022 Little Easy Bean Network - We Are Beans Without Borders

    @heirloomgal pleasant surprises this year have been Lavender and the new crosses that look interesting. :) my grow out of Sunrise showed me that it is very much like Sunset or Red Ryder (pretty much as expected), but they're a pretty bean when first shelled. the pink cross hasn't faded as...
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    Your Weather, 2022

    that's a nice warm thought to fall asleep to... :)
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    Rhodie Ranch 2022 Garden

    wow that sounds really good to me right now. i just had a few chocolate crackers and milk and wish i'd had pie instead. :)
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    Your Weather, 2022

    same here! i've got lima beans just filling a bunch of pods, every extra week i get means a better possible crop even if it will only be shellies.
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    One Alaskans greenhouse

    mice are all over, if you've ever seen the movie _Never Cry Wolf_ you'll enjoy what i mean... no, i won't spoil it... :)
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    it's hard to trap moles when there is hardscape things in the way. yes, i know this problem intimately for many years. if i can't get the mole crossing a small garden around an edge it's a resident problem perhaps for a long time. we have at least one running around now and it's been there...
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    2022 Little Easy Bean Network - We Are Beans Without Borders

    i got all the gardens gone through again checking for dry pods as i'm not too likely to get back out there for several days. nice full box of Purple Dove and Yellow Eye beans and then another half a box from the fenced gardens - a mix of things, it will be fun to shell those out (yes, i'll do...
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    Ducks4you for 2022

    excellent book, worth a re-read by me. :) it's been a few years since i read it.