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    Unconventional canners? We need a list of times and produce sucessful

    I'll bite - here's mine: tomatoes. Blanch whole tomatoes and remove skin. In very large pan or dutch oven cook and stir tomatoes. They will break apart, but you don't want complete mush. When hot all the way through ladle into hot prepared pint jars, top with hot lid and ring. Let cool...
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    Favorite thing to do with tomatoes

    Just plain tomatoes Tomato sandwich with Miracle Whip BLT sandwich Tomatoes and cottage cheese (the perfect meal!)
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    Tomato woes. Please Help!

    I was interested to read your post yesterday. I live about 60 miles north of you near Kokomo, so I am fully aware of the rain/water problems. Fortunately none of our garden plots (3 smallish ones) are in standing water, but were temporarily flooded during the heavy rains. One of them was showing...
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    Canning tomatoes without using a pressure cooker??

    Loris, I know exactly what you are saying, that is the way I have always canned tomatoes. My sister's mother-in-law gave the the recipe, well I guess there is no recipe rally. I think I put a litte salt on the top of each jar before putting the hot lid on. They seal as they cool. Perfect, I've...
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    What is the name of the machine that

    Mine is called a "Victorio Strainer".
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    Does anyone know how to dry beans?

    Hi, I am familiar a little with Cranberry Oct. beans. My parents grew them and we called them "horticultural" beans, but since discovering the dried Cranberry ones I realize they are the same. Mom did not can them, she froze them. They picked them when the shell (bean pod) was very withered and...
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    Canning on a smooth top range?

    I started this thread months ago and did not realize the comments it would generate. I am still confused so yesterday I called Maytag with my model no. and serial no. The operator said they do not recommend canning, BUT if you did there is a canner made by Kitchenaid that is tapered towards the...
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    Canning on a smooth top range?

    I have not canned in several years and since then I have a new electric range with the ceramic surface. I have always heard that you cannot can on these stoves. Is this true? I am talking about the big blue canners filled with jars and water, that is all I have ever used. Thanks for any advice.:)