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    Happy Mothers Day!

    Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's! I went & saw my Mom yesterday and took her present to her. Called her this morning to wish her a HMD.
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    Happy Birthday to the one and only Baymule

    Happy Birthday Bay!! I hope you have a great time tomorrow & bring home some new critters! :)
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    Baymule’s 2021 Garden

    I've got blooms on my maters Bay! :celebrate
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    I got my soaker hoses put out in the garden over the weekend. I made sure they all worked properly with no leakage. We didn't get much rain from the storms that came through so the garden got it's first watering for this year.
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    A Sensible & Compassionate Anti-COVID Strategy

    Most of Texas is doing good after the mask mandate has been lifted. My granddaughter has about 6 weeks left of school. She has been going since August of last year. She has had to get about 5-6 covid tests due to coughs or feeling...
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    I put my squash starts out this past week. Planted my green beans & cucumber seeds. Planted a few sunflowers here/there. My tomatoes & peppers are growing good.
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    2021 Peppers

    I'm growing red marconi this year. Something a bit bigger than the habanadas I grew last year. They were good and plentiful, but took forever to process since they don't get very big.
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    Baymule’s 2021 Garden

    It was labeled Blue Australorps. I love Australorps, and love the blue on a chicken. I had been thinking about ordering some, but I really didn't want 25 chicks. Until this year, there wasn't many places to get the blue ones. So, I got those. Well, I had 'em about a week and got to noticing...
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    Baymule’s 2021 Garden

    Any help is better than no help! I got some layer chicks too, but what I got isn't what I ended up with, lol.
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    Happy Birthday to our Favorite Joker Majorcatfish

    Happy Birthday @majorcatfish !! It's not the same is it? :)
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    Hello from East Texas

    We live out in the country to the East of Tyler.
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    Hello from East Texas

    Yay! Another East Texan!! Welcome!! :frow
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    be good

    Sorry to see ya go Major. :hit
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    Baymule’s 2021 Garden

    Have fun Bay!! I'm assuming it's spring break for them? Ours is next week. Planting starts soon!
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    HAPPY Birthday Wishes for Thistlebloom!

    🎂 Happy Birthday! 🎂