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    I have a new granddaughter

    Congratulations! They are both adorable!🥰
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    Just got mini roses - HELP!

    Thank you ducks4you! Anyone else? Please!
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    Just got mini roses - HELP!

    Hey all, I just got 3 mini roses yesterday! I have never cared for roses before so I need help. I live in zone 6, temp at night is still around 32 - 35 F, and the day is in the low fifties. Where should I plant them? When should I plant them? What should I use to fertilize? Miracle gro...
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    Remembering Sumi

    RIP Sumi. ❤
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    Happy Easter, TEG

    Happy Easter! The Lord is risen!
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    When to plant tulips?

    Northern New England.
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    When to plant tulips?

    Lowest temp at night then. ;) Now it gets 4 below. :eek:
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    When to plant tulips?

    Thank you LoraMoser!
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    Early Christmas wishes to all

    Happy Christmas!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Dog advice please...

    Try to make him the fenced in area and doghouse that you talked about. Leave him out there at night to guard. Maybe get family or friends to help put it up soon so everyone is not miserable.
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    Garden humor thread..

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    Somebody is going to be a big sister