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    Peach Tree help

    My peach tree hasn't borne fruit yet at all, and it is four years old. It keeps blooming, but we keep having late frosts that nip off the buds and then it's done.
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    Duck's New Ragtag garden, Version 2020

    Finally have a few minutes to catch up, thanks for all the pictures to look at! Looks like you are making lots of progress on your garden, and your big guy! He's very handsome, and sometimes it does so much good to have an outside opinion on things. What kind of horse is he? My old horse was...
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    Pulled some potatoes out of the grow bags today, cleared out a spot to plant the peas I still haven't started. Have lettuce and greens laid out to plant tomorrow. Working till after dark today, but the grass is getting mowed this afternoon. Tomorrow after work going to lay out plastic over...
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    Pulled some bindweed, and the last of my garlic and shallots. Going to plant fall peas in that bed tomorrow. The purple russian tomatoes are a complete bust....the rain we had earlier in the week made all of them split vertically in multiple places. I may just prune them out and be done with...
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    Weather Where You Are

    It is beautiful here too. I actually hate this part of the summer, when the sun and the heat and the humidity and the bugs make me depressed, so I am overjoyed at this cool streak. I am getting the same kind of weather as Carol Dee, which is unheard of in Illinois for this time of year. Right...
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    I have been fighting bindweed for ten years now....when I had just a small garden, I would cover it in black plastic and use drip irrigation. It didn't eliminate the bindweed from my garden at all, but it did keep it manageable. At the moment my aims are to keep it from setting seed in the...
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    Thanks for all the replies...I have picked more than 20 off of 8 tomatoes so far this year. They're leaving the brandywine and the green zebras alone, but the others? are just skeletons of plants right now. I have a pretty good population of ladybugs, so I will work on drawing the birds to...
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    I have had too many hornworms this year, I can't keep up with picking them off my tomatoes by hand and they eat more of them every day. I am using DE to deter them, but that really is only slowing them down. A quick search with google tells me that tilling the ground breaks their life cycle...
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    Raining today, but I went out in the drizzle and picked a few zucchini, a couple of cucumbers, and admired the watermelons and baby pumpkins. I threatened the tomatoes with dismemberment if they didn't start ripening.
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    My parents always left our potatoes in the ground and just dug as needed, or until they began to show signs of growth or water damage, when the rest of them were dug and stored. Some years I remember we still had potatoes in the ground in early fall, and some years we pulled them earlier. Not...
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    went out and pulled weeds in half the garden before the sun and humidity started getting to me. mom pruned the tomatoes back....thinking about growing them on cattle panel trellises next year.
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    It popped up literally a mile east of my house....and moved east. I got all the wind, an awesome lightning show, all kinds of anxious pets...but not a drop of rain. It has been close to three weeks since it's rained here.
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    Picked a few tomatoes, a cucumber, and a few zucchini. Tried to go out and pull weeds, but it is so dry here they just break off. Currently dragging the sprinkler around the garden for an hour at a time in various spots so I can weed this evening. Drip watering is great for my plants...but...
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    I sneak out about dusk and weed every night now, until the bugs send me running for the house. I only live a few hours from ducks, but it is so dry here I am watering multiple times a week. They sprayed the fields around the house yesterday with something that stinks and I'm stuck inside until...