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    Siberian Miners Lettuce Tacos!

    Greetings Dahlia,,, Miner Lettuce, Siberian,,, what can they be??? 🌹🎵
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    What is the song or poem weighs up how you feel today??

    I wanna know did you ever see the rain, I wanna know did you ever see the rain, Coming down on a sunny day,,, 🎶☕
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    Craigslist and Other Bargains

    Baymule...You're working on your place alone??? Is your boy helping Or...
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    My BJ, My Husband has Died

    Bay, That good man is so fortunate to have your love all those years and even now he has that, one of the richest guys that ever lived, may our Lord help you in all you do, Park Austozo ```
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    Heat-less habanero - any ideas?

    If they taste good eat them, cook with them I love sweet peppers.
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    You might want to check this out take the time
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    Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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    My BJ, My Husband has Died

    Aaach, How terrible for you his Angle, Lord keep him close, God Love and be with you and all who love and care ```
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    Remember these

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    Well, Here's what happened ```

    I found them, in the box of charcoal that that is us in the Sensor to burn Incense, found it a while back ````
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    Adaptive Ski Equipment

    No, not all resorts have the equipment ~ you can call and ask ~ sorry to be so long in answering ~ I have been suspended and have not logged in for some time ```