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    Natures Hide n Seek game

    Yep. Between the top two tiers of a 7 tier green stalk. LOL. Right about eye level for me and I'm 5'3
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    Natures Hide n Seek game

    We found something hiding in the top layer of our Green Stalk today
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    Hello from northeast Texas!

    I'm in Tyler. Just outside of city limits actually. Raised beds for me too. I have a broken back and arthritis, so bending over is difficult. I bought a cute little garden scooter that is comfy and handy! Should be getting chickens soon. Though!! Squeegee!!
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    Garden humor thread..

    As a half mexican, I approve this message. Mucho Grassy Ass!
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    Thought of TEG Cat Owners

    We were adopted by our cat Zelda pretty much the same way. We think he was abandoned during the 2008 crash. In Las Vegas it was really bad for pets there. Houses were found abandoned filled with cats and dogs that had nothing to eat. The "stray" population exploded. Zelda came along and he...
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    The Pond Thread

    I’d have a hard time too... They’re all beautiful!
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    Somehow, It's Funny that Way

    I homeschooled my sons all the way through high school as well. Unfortunately, at the time they were at the right age to start them on cursive, I was dumb and of the mind that it wasn’t a necessary thing to learn. NOW, 20 years later, I’m sorry that I didn’t teach them to write cursive. By...
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    Wanted- Natural Cotton

    @HomesteaderWife I have a Bernese Mountain dog. I could ship you 5lbs of her hair a month! LOL. Or a week.
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    The Pond Thread

    This one is absolutely beautiful!!! <3. I love Koi fish.
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    Price increases and shortages

    We bought our property last year at exactly the right time. Not two months after we closed, the value of the house was almost 50K more than we bought it. Now it’s probably worth even more. I’m thankful we were able to get it when we could though. If we tried to buy something now, with our...
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    Petite Rose Mold/Fungus??? Help!

    These are a picture of the worst from my two little bushes of Petite Roses. They are a special type of rose from this company, and I’m afraid I can’t remember the exact name of the genus (?). Most of the flowers are not this bad, but the majority of the ones that I had to prune off today had...
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    Hello from northeast Texas!

    That's a lot! We're wanting to have a small orchard of fruit and nut trees too. There's already a Walnut tree on the property and I think a pecan tree... I think those two trees grow like weeds out here. From what I understand it's difficult to grow citrus and nectarines out here. citrus is...
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    Hello from northeast Texas!

    @baymule Thank you! I will... it might be later in the summer before I can get out there. Still recovering from back surgery in March... Slow healing, but definitely getting better every day. I'd love to pick your brains and see what all I can learn from you!
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    Hello from northeast Texas!

    Hi there! yes I was excited to see that someone in my area was here and in the Herd forum too! You're doing pretty much what I want to do so I may stalk you a little bit here and there! LOL Not really, I'm not creepy! 😜 @Ridgerunner Black eyed peas and sweet potatoes are definitely on my...
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    Hello from northeast Texas!

    Thank you for the advice! I'm for sure gonna follow my docs instructions. Don't want to go back to square one by messing up their amazing work! The garden will wait until I'm ready. There's still a ton of things we need to do to get ready for animals, rain catchment system, and gardening...