fruit trees

  1. Artichoke Lover

    Nursery recommendations?

    My family is talking about mail ordering some fruit and nut trees and I’m looking for recommendations for places to order from. The main things I’m looking for are apples, pears, plums, and English walnuts. Ive been looking at Stark Brothers. Has anyone on here ordered from them before?
  2. JalapenosinDelco

    Planting fruit trees and Shrubs in Pennsylvania

    I’m checking to see if any PA residents here have had success with planting and eventually picking fruits. I’m located just outside of Philadelphia. I would ideally like an apple tree, peach tree, blueberry bush, and raspberry bush. I wanted to know what species are giving you the most...
  3. Chickie'sMomaInNH

    uh oh! i'm gonna be in trouble with a capital T

    i went a little overboard this year between early seed orders, ordering fruit tree rootstock & going to that fruit tree scion exchange. i also got a lot of new gardening tools since last fall to help both me & dh get the stuff planted & make our lives a little easier doing all of it! just some...
  4. RUNuts

    Suggestions for fruit trees in Houston Zone 9a

    I'm losing oak trees due to root fungus. Decided to plant some type of fruit trees and reading all kinds of horror stories about expensive trees shriveling and dying. Need suggestions please. I live in the coastal plain, so think heavy clay. Usually moist to sopping wet, but when it dries...