1. Andrew

    Help! Newly planted tree wilting a bit

    Hi all, A few weeks ago we had a new maple put in. The maple is about 20ft high, the trunk about 3 inches across. When put in, it had a watering ring installed, which, I've just found out, didn't work very well. Looks like it went maybe 3 days without watering. At first, it had a few wilty...
  2. Todd Ziegler

    Yellowing leaves on tomato seedlings

    My tomato seedlings are getting yellow. The seedlings are 3 weeks old and I am using jiffy pellets as the soil medium. These are the 2nd set of leaves and not the first set of sprouting leaves. I water at the bottom and I have a well for my water sources. My well water is about 7.5ph and my...
  3. Beekissed

    Four Season Harvest

    Anyone read the book? Anyone doing it? I've had the book for years and always intended to do it, but never really got around to it. Until this year, I don't think I really had the right garden in which to do it in, nor the time to implement it. This year is different, though, and my mind is...
  4. Itokuzu

    Fruit Tree fails. Help?

    I have 3 fruit trees in my back yard, plum, nectarine, and I think peach? Something continues to eat the budding fruit off the nectarine, and bugs are devouring the leaves on the plants. I have chickens that free range, and a dog, so chemicals are way out of the question. I already have cds...