1. A

    Scorpion Pepper Dropping Flowers

    Howdy! I'm growing two different varieties of scorpion peppers and a ghost pepper plant here in central Texas. One of my scorpion peppers is doing fantastic, however, the other variety is dropping all of its blooms. I planted them as seeds back in October. In January, one of my cats climbed up...
  2. S

    Attack of the Caterpillars

    So I am new to gardening but I have had my pepper plants from seedlings. My habanero already has 13 fruit on it and I baby that plant. My ghost pepper and my sweet banana have yet to produce fruit. Anyway, none of that is the problem. Every morning I visit my habanero and check the fruit. I've...
  3. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Too Many Scotch Bonnets

    My three scotch bonnet plants have been producing like crazy this winter. I'm getting better production than during my summer growing!!! This year i started mixing my own soil too, so it could be the genetic line, the nutrient mix, the soil mix (which included some RO Elemental & HO White...