raised bed

  1. A

    Raised bed, can are any natural woods dangerous

    Hi all, I'm planning on building some raised beds this year and i had the idea to build them from some trees that fell on my property. I thought they were Juniper but they are identifying on a plant app that i have as red cedar. Are there any trees that would be dangerous for me to use to build...
  2. 7

    Garden Beds

    Good afternoon! I had my first successful vegetable garden, however, it was at a friends house who had a huge garden, as she moved elsewhere. This year I don’t have that opportunity so my husband is building me a bunch of garden beds and I’m making use of my small backyard. I have a large...
  3. Smuvers Farm

    Planting Android App?

    I've been test driving many gardening apps, and none seem to be up to, what I would think, is a basic necessity. I am looking for an app where you can put in your grow zone, put in what veggies/fruit/herbs/etc that I WANT to grow, and it gives me when to sow indoors, when to direct sow, little...