Buford T. Justice Baymule’s LGD


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Mar 20, 2011
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Trinity County Texas
I brought a puppy home yesterday. Drove to Forney, a Dallas suburb, 3 1/2 hours away, in the rain.


AKC registered male Anatolian 3 months old.
Breeders said he’s food aggressive. I explained to them that I trained Sheba and Sentry to sit, wait, and not eat until I said Take It. Im sure it won’t take long to teach Buford food manners. They sure were nice people and I enjoyed meeting them. The parent dogs were friendly and loved attention. Both beautiful well built dogs.

I put a blanket on the seat of my car, sure was glad I did. I got maybe a half mile away and he fear pooped. I pulled over, got a plastic grocery bag and had to raise his tail to scoop the poop. He didn’t like that and fear growled at me. He was so scared. I drove a couple of miles, pulled over at a gas station to get rid of the poop and I petted him and talked to him. I ran the AC for him, he stress panted and the cold calmed him down. I wasn’t too happy about that, but what the heck. When I got real cold, I turned the heat on, then back to the AC.

We got home and he didn’t want to get out.

This strange woman, a car ride that was NOT fun, and now she wants me to get out? This is not my house!

He fear growled at me. I put the leash on him and dragged him out. He fought all the way to his pen. I took the leash off, petted, praised and talked to him. Scared. Puppy had a hard day. Sentry and Sheba ran to the fence and scared him some more. They growled, Sheba snarled up and hated on him. He growled back and barked.

I did chores, fed sheep, horse and dogs. I coaxed Buford into the shelter, put his food in it and let him eat. While I was finishing up chores, the puppy half heartedly barked with a BOOF! BOOF! I called him Boofer, that morphed into Buford and there you have it.

Today I’ve been in and out of his pen, he is next to the sheep and he’s a little intimidated. I’ve petted him and reassured him. After talking to @Ridgetop, she gave me pointers on introducing Buford to Sentry and Sheba. Sentry first, then Sheba, then both. They sniffed, growled a little and were checking him out. Buford wagged his tail, wanted to be friends. Introduction went well.



This evening I took care of Reina the horse, then fed dogs. Carson at back porch, Sentry and Sheba at at the gate and then Buford. I put his pan down, Diamond Large Puppy, with chicken and broth over it, on the ground. I took Buford’s collar, said sit and pushed his butt to the ground. Wait. Wait. Good boy! Wait. I released him, tapped the pan, Take it. I took it away from him 3 times repeating sit, wait, take it. By the second time, he sat on his own. He’s confused, trying to figure out what is going on in his life. I think he’s handling it well. He’s very smart and he’s gonna keep me on my toes.


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Sep 4, 2009
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I know you know how to train. We have been successful with training no food agression in 4yo Eva (GS), Should be 85 pounds now), has become possibly the most docile dog I have ever owned, with the exception of Xena (1998-2008, RIP, GS/Collie cross.)

Recently DD put down a plate of meat scraps with fat on the floor of the kitchen for both dogs. Her 2 cats were gonna help themselves, but DD doesn't want this bc the always vomit it up, so she told Eva that the plate was hers.
Eva saw the cats going to the plate and stopped, as if to say "oh, this is for the cats."
She is powerful enough to rip up the cats and take the food, but chooses not to and patiently waits every day for elderly Pyg (15yo and maybe, now 25 pounds,) to eat her fill first.
My training with Eva is mostly hold her by her collar and say, no, or grab her body and do the same.
If you can do ANYTHING that doesn't involve a smack on the rump, you will be miles ahead.
Also, feeding your puppy in his crate helps. I know that my horses like having food for themselves in their stalls, instead of fighting for it, so it's cross species training.
Just sayin', in case you hadn't thought of this. :hugs
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