Finally, Home Depot does composting right!


Chillin' In The Garden
Apr 9, 2008
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Willamette Valley Oregon
Home Depot in some areas are now offering a large recycled wine barrel that has been made into a rollable composter. The 'roller' is actually a flat pot mover with wheels placed upside down. The wine barrel is placed on the wheels and even my 7 year old can turn it with no problem. There are holes drilled into it for aeration. I have seen alot of "junk" come out of Home Depot in the composting area, but I really like this idea! Granted, a little pricey at $99.99 but the idea alone may be worth the money. This is very useful for the home gardener and for those who can afford the extra hundred, I give it a thumbs up. Good use of recycling materials! Sadly, this is not available through the website. For those who shop Home Depot and want this product, if your store doesn't carry it, ask them to order from the Corvallis, Oregon store zipcode 97333.

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