Hello from Arizona!


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Dec 30, 2019
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I'm so excited to a part of this great group! I'm even more excited to be growing out some rare bean varieties for the first time this year. There were way too many to choose from, so I had to be stern with myself and make a master list of all the ones I wanted to try, and restrict myself to a few a year LOL. It's the deepest of rabbit holes!

A bit about me:
I'm the wife of a retired Marine, mother to one energetic boy, avid gardener, cook and crafter who also runs a holster making business, sourdough enthusiast and artist with no time to paint! I love growing veggies of all kinds, but I have a weakness for beans and potatoes. We fight everything from summer heat, high winds, gravelly sandy soil, deer, squirrels, gophers and plague proportion grasshoppers, but it's so worth it! This season we'll focus on heavy mulching, higher fences, and preventative safe spraying to hopefully have a better garden year.
Hi!! You are most welcome!! I want to let you know that I've learned a lot from our forums, and I made a practice of asking friendly people here before I do something new to my garden. Have a very prosperous new year!!