So lucky


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Dec 13, 2007
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border, ID/WA(!)
I hope that she is back for the growing season, at least. She has been a part of TEG for a decade.

Welcome! So does the micro-climate make your yard warmer or cooler than the surrounding area? I often wish I had a walled garden just for starting things in the spring. I feel like I live in a wind tunnel, as tender plants get beaten to death pretty regularly in the spring. I, too, am a lapsed MGer, but you would never know it by my grey thumb.
I hope you enjoy your time here. We try to keep the discussions unconfrontational, with politics and religion left to other forums, if possible. Tell us what you like to grow, and we love pics, by the way.

That was her last post, almost 3 months ago, Welcoming but sounding Discouraged. She had been talking about how her beans were still producing despite having the leaves blown off them and her tomato plants as "kaput."

I sent So lucky a DM but haven't received any response. I think those fail if an email address is changed.