Was Almost Mugged Last Night


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Jul 22, 2010
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Mattapoisett, Massachusetts
Living in city there is always the chance of getting mugged. I was mugged once years ago in NYC. I handed over my wallet, nothing I carry is worth my life. I was having dinner with my friend carol she asked if I minded if we stopped at mall first, she needed one more gift. You never have to ask me twice to go shopping. The malls parking garage has cameras but is 2 blocks from the projects, known for crime. As we where walking to our car a crack head with a bread knife stopped us. He wanted our bags and wallets. He picked the wrong people to rob. My friend Carol while very girly was NY state womans champion MMA fighter, she fought in Madison Square garden. Next thing I knew Carol's boot was in crack heads mouth ( Crack destroys teeth) Her next kick was much lower, if the crack didn't make him sterile her kick did. As he was rolling around the ground with his teeth she kicked his knife under a parked car. She looked at me with my mouth hanging open and said bet thats the last time he tries to rob someone, do you feel like Mexican i know a great place. We walked away leaving him on the floor. I am tempted to call garage and ask if they got on tape. I have to stay I got a little turned on by having someone protect me. I can understand woman who date alpha males.
Oh, NYBoy, this is second only to your Dad stories.

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