Why are green grapes so expensive?


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Jan 17, 2021
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Ontario, Canada
I was under the impression that south African fruits were heavily chemicals. Am I wrong? If so this is good to know as I've been avoiding their food for a very long time .
@flowerbug I'm afraid we do not have a lot if choices here, so have no other alternative other to eat imported. Though I will be avoiding oranges of any kind, they are old and taste awful and have very thick pith
The last study I read @Marie2020 reported grapes from Italy had higher pesticide residues than those from South Africa. I think, though, that unless grapes are labelled organic, you are going to get pesticide residues on grapes from anywhere, they are one of those 'dirty dozen' crops. Given that South Africa is a significant grape producing country, including for wine, I imagine that growing grapes there might not pose as many challenges as elsewhere, so perhaps they have less pesticide use.

Where I live, you simply can't grow organic apples. Just too many pest predators in my climate & geography. I think that the sweetness which we love in fruit, is also loved by our bugs. Our crap apple trees do fine, but the incredible sourness makes them relatively unpalatable to most people though, as well as the bugs! But Bob Flowerdew, in East Anglia (UK!), he seems to really get some excellent and delectable grape crops, and he knows his varieties - both taste and performance- really well. If you want to try to grow a vine you might want to check him out!

I'm in a situation similar to you in terms of fruit. I love that I can enjoy fruit from other parts of the world, especially in winter. Ataulfo mangoes are one of my favourite fruits on the planet! 😍


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Dec 10, 2016
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Ataulfo mangoes are one of my favourite fruits on the planet!
Mine too. DW grew up in the tropics, and got me hooked on them. This is the best time of the year for those; we have a box ripening now, and will buy a box per week while they are in season. The same Oriental market where we buy them also has apple bananas, another of our favorites.

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