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  • Hello. Due to a personal reason, I don't believe that I'll be able to complete my grow out of the African Cave bean. I'm really sorry about this. However, I am growing a large patch of Yessica's Inca Bean, along with the Kali Black Gram "Mung" beans. If you ask, I could send some seeds your way. (Patch shown is Yessica's Inca Bean)


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    Managed to get to the post office today. Package is shipped; usps tracking number 9500114015168312366666
    I'm getting ready to send you my beans for the year.
    The Madasgar Lima Beans grew and grew, put on a few pods, but only a few (like 2 or so) grew to maturity. May-be they don't like heat? There were quite a few full size beans with immature (not dry) pods on the plants when we got a freeze. Would these beans be viable?
    I pulled them off and set out to dry in case you can use them.
    Just wanted to say hello and thank you for turning me onto this forum. I got those fort portal jades, Dalmatians, and Maine sunsets sowed today. I also have been a member at allotments 4 all for years now and posted in that bean thread for what it's worth. I do not have many post there as I mostly operate behind the scenes in pm, but there are some folks there that like me a lot.
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