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    The Pond Thread

    @secuono , just love you fish photos!
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    Weather Where You Are

    We have had several over 90 degrees with heat indexes of over 100 degrees throughout the summer. I dunno how your garden survives, either, @Rhodie Ranch . Dunno if this would help in the future, BUT, when I start my gardening season I have great ideas, and if I had garden servants they would...
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    Hello all!

    :welcome from Central IL and WE need to talk! I would post a picture of this volunteer rose, but I am on vacation, pictures will have to wait. I have this ~3 ft tall, ~2 ft wide volunteer white wild type rose that nobody ever planted. It's not in a terrible place, right along a fenceline, but...
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    Just got mini roses - HELP!

    @PlantNurse15 , how did you mini roses fare?
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    Cross pollination ?

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    Amarylis help

    Looking to post about roses, but I thought I would put in my 2 cents. I have grown several amaryllis. The last one I gave to my DD, she put it on her office window ledge and it bloomed magnificently. The previous year, nothing but leaves. I think that they are worth it, but, unlike so MANY...
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    Cross pollination ?

    I am curious. How far apart would you need to grow these to prevent cross pollination?
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    Tomatoes 2020

    Sounds YUMMY and I Will try it! Thanks!!! :hugs
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    Duck's New Ragtag garden, Version 2020

    Santa Claus Land was where we took our eldest DD when she was 2yo. We went on a Tuesday, NOBODY else was there, so the help followed Her around from ride to ride. We videotaped the whole thing. She was mighty jelly of us this week. We WERE going to go to Estes Park, but it's even worse! You...
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    Duck's New Ragtag garden, Version 2020

    I will be harvesting potatoes when I get home next week. I have saved up Brussels Sprouts seeds to plant in the same bed. I have heard from many sources that Brussels Sprouts started in the Spring are bitter when harvested in the summer, but you cannot FIND the seeds locally after June. I...
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    Tomatoes 2020

    @digitS' , tomato soup recipe?
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    Weather Where You Are

    @Rhodie Ranch , the corn doesn't have to be a total loss. In the 2012 drought, many locals baled them in large bales for cattle. Still, the insurance companies will be paying out. Funny, I hardly grew any corn this year. Just got too busy, or too tired when it was time to plant. This is what...
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    :welcome from Central IL!
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    IRIS some old some new

    The black iris REALLY multiply. I have waaaayyyy too many of them. My Vet gave me some yellow, so, if I get around to it, I might have some diversity.
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    just checking in

    First, HOLY MOLY!!! Just saw your thread toDAY!!! Second, anal fistula, similar to the canis canis variety. You, DOG, You!!! Wishing a Speedy recovery!! :hugs