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    Okra..In Missouri of all places.

    I like fried okra....but learned the stewed was so much better. Especially topped with the home made croutons I kept on hand.
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    Okra..In Missouri of all places.

    Well, my first summer back in MO, has shown me that my fellow Missourians do NOT eat okra. I will be growing my own next year. Not even the freezer section carries it, although those tend to be too overripe and gross anyways. But danggit. I really wanted me some stewed okra...
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    Hey Carol Dee! Are You OK?

    Wow. to all of it Carol Dee. Good to hear you and your family are ok.
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    just checking in

    OMG Major! Here is to a speedy recovery!
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    Hello from SC!!

    :welcome Welcome from the Midwest!! formerly just relocated from Midlands SC, out by Saluda.
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    Prickly heat rash

    If the heat gets to me too much, I find my shaker filled with cornstarch. It helps keep the skin dry, so rashes have less of a chance. I was weight wise, all the way up to 240#, a few year ago. In SC. Even though I have lost most of the weight gain, I still use my cornstarch.
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    Why like it here @ TEG :)

    Digging in the dirt and planting seeds....are such deep primal therapy. It is calming...when the rest of the planet is in chaos. And...I miss my chickens :hit
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    So when does the light go out

    I use eyemasks for sleeping. When I get back to bed, after that usual morning visit to the ladies room, it is usually eye mask time.
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    Do they really eat this?

    Being from the Midwest, if it wasn't the standard meat & potatoes, I wasn't interested. Then, I married a Navy man. Omg...I was exposed to sooo many different ethnic foods. I love the Filipino cuisine the most, followed by the Cajun/Creole gumbo and fresh seafood right off the boat. Not only...
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    Snake ALERT !

    Snakes will eat hornets too. I fund that out quite by accident, a couple of years ago. I spotted one making it's way toward the hornets nest in the eaves. It was slithering up the rose vines. The next day, all of the hornets in that nest were gone. Never came back either. It was a black...
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    Hello from the northern Shenandoah Valley

    :welcome from the Midwest! Middle of the USA.
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    We sure could use some NyBoy humor in these trying times...

    Before my time too. I had to take a couple of years off of all of my forums. Too much personal bs in my own life to try to be sociable online at the time.
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    We sure could use some NyBoy humor in these trying times...

    I wonder how his father and family are doing. :rainbowflower
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    We sure could use some NyBoy humor in these trying times...

    I was wondering what was missing. Maybe it is NyBoy and his very individual sense of humor. He could come up with the most odd things, when he posted. Now, the Easy Garden, is almost flat. We need a new NyBoy, or we will need to dig up some of his previous treasures. We love you and...