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    In my country the cases are dropping, 2 weeks ago we had over 10.000 new cases a day, now it's down to 5650 a day although there was an increase the last 2 days. My 7 year old son's teacher was tested positive for corona last Saturday, school stayed open and he got (retired) substitute teachers...
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    How ya doin'

    I feel like this: :weee
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    How to tell an eating pumpkin from a non eating pumpkin?

    If it's about finding out if it's edible , just cut off a small piece and chew on it. If it's bitter it's going to make you sick. If its slightly sweet or blend it's edible and you can cook it safely.
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    Quotes and thoughts for the day

    I like(d) that!
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    Chard & Winter

    I've have over wintered chard both outside and in a unheated greenhouse. Outside maybe 1 in 4 plants survived, but all survived in the greenhouse. Also there I was able to picking a few leaves in winter, but much better early in spring when it was too early for other greens! Even outside it's...
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    2020 shortages

    Over here all supermarkets are fully stocked, it did take till juli or August for all the baking goods like yeast and flour to be back in stores. Since then everything is back in stores. I do know there are longer delivery times on some products that became more popular during the pandemic like...
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    I'm sorry about causing this discussion. Just to clarify: trees do not explode out of themselfs in Europe. There are not extremely explosive trees in Austria.
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    @valley ranch What you show here is that we are all susceptible to conspiracies. If you hear lies enough times you start to believe them. The way I see it from across the pond is that your country is heading for a authoritarian regime under Trump if not a dictatorship and/or possibly a civil...
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    I'm beside myself. Why is the US president not in quarantine? Parading in his car for supporters. Why is he wilfully disregarding the health and safety of the special agents around him? They have no choice but to do their job. What do they get in return? A 14 day quarantine with or without pay...
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    What are you canning now?

    I should try them like that, over here we generally only have them stewed with wine. No, I don't can them. I put them in a jar hot, then add the wine syrup and screw on the lid, turn the jar up side down. That gets a vacuum seal most times and stays good for a year or so. They don't last that...
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    Hello from Ohio - Zone 6a/5b

    Snert is so good in wintertime! Made from split peas and with smoked sausage off course.
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    Hello from SE Tennessee - zone 7b!

    Welcome from Holland: Welkom! :welcome
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    Hello from Ohio - Zone 6a/5b

    And welcome from Holland: Welkom!
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    Today's sun set/rise around the world

    Took this one this morning before getting on the ferry with my bicycle.
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    What are you canning now?

    I made a big pan of stewed pears with red wine and port wine, got 5 jars and the rest is for desert this week.