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  1. C

    Newbie From Michigan

    Hello all, New kid on the block here, been learning about plants since my Mema gave me my first plant. Money tree, strange plant to have, almost never died. Kept it on the top shelf in my room and practically never watered it. Doing a lot better with plant care now, but one hell of a start. I...
  2. Karona59

    Hi from northern Northern California 😊

    I’m a novice gardener with my sister. We plant 🌱 what we like to eat and hope for the best.
  3. P

    New Member

    Hello, I am from Bloomington, Indiana. I found the Little Easy Bean Network while attempting to identify some very old beans. Now, even though very old, I have begun connecting growers to the seeds, mostly beans, that I am considering rarest. The seeds are early 1980's and early 1990's. I...
  4. β„™π•π•’π•Ÿπ•‹π•’π•šπ•Ÿ

    New Member

    I saw this site from, and decided to join. I do some gardening and sometimes might need some help (:
  5. River_Kensley

    Hello from Kentucky!

    Hey all! I'm a new member from Kentucky (Zone 6B) who found this site through BackyardChickens, and I'm very excited to be here. I (along with my parents) cultivate a large vegetable garden that is organic and that we use the no-till method on. It includes things like tomatoes, sugar snap peas...
  6. DontChickenOut14

    New Member from North Carolina!

    Hello! My name is Hideyoshi, and I saw a link to this site on BackYard Chickens, so I thought I'd join! It's nice to be here! I love gardening things such as succulents, coleus, and various flowing plants.
  7. A

    Hello from Mississippi

    I am excited to be here! I love gardening, both flowers and vegetables. I live on almost 90acres and have flower beds and veggie gardens where ever there isn't an animal roaming. I am in a very rural area in east central MS. We plan to open our produce stand this year, if all goes well. I like...
  8. H

    New On TEG!!! ~Heavenly Blue~

    Hi! I'm new to The Easy Garden website! I can't wait till I meet new people on here. :) I am from a family of seven and quite a few animals. I am in South Carolina. I have never really planted much before, so I'm kinda new at this. Lol. I one day saw Heavenly Blue Morning Glories in a gardening...
  9. Megdaline

    Kia Ora from Kiwi-land!

    Kia Ora, I'm Meg. I live in New Zealand with my mother and grandmother, and we love to garden. My grandmother is the resident flower lady, while my mother loves her vegetables and I'm learning about medicinal and culinary herbs. I'm really excited to see all the ideas and inspiration in this...
  10. poodlechicks

    New to TEG

    Hello, I found this site through BYC. I've been gardening for years, but still have a lot to learn. I am especially interested in fruit trees and vegetables, though I also plant herbs and ornamental flowers. I hope to learn a lot from all of you while also sharing my experiences. I am happy to...
  11. Martin Blue-Norton

    A Colorado Hello!

    Hello everyone! I am new to this site and I am looking forward to the many thing I will learn from reading at this web page. I am a member on the 'Back Yard Chickens' web page and it directed me here. As a gardener I love working in my flower beds, straw-bale vegetable garden, and my water...