1. A

    Possible pests, please help me???

    Hi, I'm pretty much still learning a lot from gardening and stuff, but when I started high school, the school gave all freshmen the task of taking care of a plant for all of high school and each semester you'll get rewards like an opportunity to turn in a project a day later or get an automatic...
  2. S

    Attack of the Caterpillars

    So I am new to gardening but I have had my pepper plants from seedlings. My habanero already has 13 fruit on it and I baby that plant. My ghost pepper and my sweet banana have yet to produce fruit. Anyway, none of that is the problem. Every morning I visit my habanero and check the fruit. I've...
  3. Liz Davis

    Unidentified Pest Problem, Help!

    My pest problem has been wrecking havoc on my pumpkin plant in my small garden outside. The other plants, watermelon, tomato, and cucumber, haven't have this bad of a problem. I'm not quite sure what it is but I'm worry that I'll wake up tomorrow morning and find my pumpkin plant all gone...
  4. Beekissed

    Insecticides~what do you use and why?

    Didn't see a thread about them in a search here, so thought I'd make one. I've never really used many insecticides on the garden or orchard, though I've been known to use sweet lime dust on taters or cukes for keeping off certain pests and I once tried a soapy water spray. Other than that...
  5. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Aphids Have Shut Me Down

    I made the choice at the end of fall to bring a jalapeno plant in from my deck to let it keep producing while my other guys got up to speed. I literally remember looking at the plant on my deck & thinking "I probably shouldn't bring this inside, just in case", but I did it anyways. It took a...