raised beds

  1. Beekissed

    2018 Garden Plans

    2018 Garden Plans Garden dreamin' yet? I am, even though last year's garden was the worst in our gardening history, I've gotten my second wind and have a renewed hope(that's what gardener's live on, isn't it?)for the next planting season. I've switched to hay instead of wood chips, so...
  2. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    New Raised Beds

    New additions to the garden for tomato & pepper goodness. 3' tall, 3' wide & 8' long. Dester, Sweet Pea Currant, Nebraska Wedding & Brandywine are tucked in and growing as well as some Banana Peppers, Jalapenos & Ajvarski. On a related note I can't find my pick axe and as much as I don't want...
  3. lcertuche

    Gardening With Children

    Two of my sons (15 and 12 years old) are homeschooled. In the spirit of teaching my children real-life skills I've decided to let them have a 4 X 8 raised bed to try their hand at square foot gardening. I want them to connect our meals, finances, and health to our food and I think this is an...
  4. MrsBarnes


    I am a newbie here although I have gardened for quite some time. Recently moved so I am starting over which is sad and exciting all at the same time. I have a flower bed from which I take a bulb, plant or bush from my relatives and although some didnt survive the move, I am hoping to have an...