1. EKYHomesteader

    Rescuing Free Plants

    If you read in my other thread about how I burnt some of my tomato plants up with fertilizer--- I have a new conundrum. I got some free plants at a greenhouse closing upper the season. They are in bad shape. They are alive, but very yellow. I brought them home and watered them with some...
  2. EKYHomesteader

    Why are some of my plants discolored?

    Normal plant. Slightly purple-tinted plant. So, I got these plants for free. They were discolored when I got them, and most of them have came out of it. These plants are next to each other. I think it is probably a nutrient deficiency of some sort. Any ideas on what is wrong?
  3. thejenx

    Tom tato

    I can't believe this is real. They grafted tomato plants on potato rootstalks, and it works?! I can't get my mind around it. I know they are in the same plant group but... :duc
  4. seedtrader-teg

    Tomato Seeds for TRADE Ananas Noire - Bicolor (Black Pineapple) & Rose De Berne - Pink & other seeds

    I have some extras of these. 20 seeds per pack. Black Pineapple, is also known as Ananas Noire. Rose De Berne, is a pink, round tomato, it seems red when very ripe, or in some lighting. Both are indeterminate. I also have some... dill "Ambrosia" Chives Rhubarb Cherry Belle...
  5. Todd Ziegler

    Wonderful paste/salad tomato

    This is a new variety for me this year (Don Juan) I got the seed from J&L seed seed. It is so solid that I will have to buy more seed next year because I am not getting any. It has made a great tasting sauce.
  6. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Nebraska Wedding Tomato

    So it took the whole winter (aphid infestation set me back a bit) but we finally got a few harvests in the past two weeks of some Nebraska Wedding tomatoes and they're spectacular. I will absolutely be adding these to my normal growing rotation :)
  7. Todd Ziegler

    Yellowing leaves on tomato seedlings

    My tomato seedlings are getting yellow. The seedlings are 3 weeks old and I am using jiffy pellets as the soil medium. These are the 2nd set of leaves and not the first set of sprouting leaves. I water at the bottom and I have a well for my water sources. My well water is about 7.5ph and my...
  8. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Suspended Basket for Tiny Tomatoes

    So one of my favorite tomato varieties is the Sweet Pea Currant, but in order to grow it you have to really cage it up and be out there to train it upwards, lest it just flop on the ground and vine out horizontally. So given that I was thinking about planting one in a hanging basket this summer...