2019 recap & 2020 plans


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Oct 15, 2017
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mid-Michigan, USoA
if you can keep worms in buckets they will take care of food scraps for you. i've been doing this for 10yrs now and it's always interesting and fun to me.

we don't have dogs or cats so we don't have to deal with their wastes. with woodlands i would just take it and toss it back there as then the breakdown and smell is away from the house. i suppose you could put a trench in at the start of a season and then gradually fill it in as you go to keep the waste covered (a good idea in general with most animal waste). once the waste is covered if it is down deep enough there shouldn't be a problem with it splashing on plants so you could put vegetables over it. the next year put your trench next to the first one and keep moving it each season. i'm not sure what the diseases are or how long it takes for the soil community to deal with them, but for human manure if your conditions are right 1-3yrs is considered safe.

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