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Jul 9, 2012
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With 2023 coming to a close, what are your 2024 resolutions?

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Mar 20, 2011
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Trinity County Texas
Tortoise on Sufficient Self started a Resolution list for 2023, and another one for 2024. So I already have my list prepared!

I have a few things to move to 2024, but overall, I think I did pretty good this year. I am working on my 2024 list.

From 2023

1. Move 500 gallon diesel fuel tank and stand.
2. Move 4 power poles and assorted
pieces of drill stem pipe.
3. Move my windows. I will build a greenhouse out of them.
4 Finish moving Everything out of son’s house, have yard sale.
5. Get everything out of sons 2 shipping containers. Put in mine. LOL
6. Finish getting craptastic chicken coops in back torn down. I’ve torn stuff off several times and hauled off crap to dumpster. Still a lot to do.
7. Build fence after tearing down chicken coops. They are right on the fence line.
8. Tear down existing sheds.

That concludes 2023 list that I didn’t get done.

1. Move gas grill from sons house and 2 BBQ pits.
2. Move concrete blocks from son’s house.
3. Move stack of used tin from son’s house.
4. Build a 3 sided 70’x20’ barn for sheep in front field, with 10’x10’ feed room in the middle. That’s going to take awhile.

A. Buy power line poles, cut to length.
B. Get friends to help set poles, go around bottom with treated 2x6’s, go around top with 2x6’s to hold poles so they don’t move.

C. Save up for plywood and new R panels for roof. LOL And more 2x6’s for rafters.
D. Haha, then hang rafters, plywood deck, radiant heat barrier and put R panels on.
E. Salvage what I can from old sheds to use on barn.
F. 2024 winter arrives! Wrap barn in plastic, command sheep not to eat it and to hell with it.

5. I have 2 40’ high cube shipping containers dropped in back field. I have to get everything moved from son’s house. I was not prepared for them. So once I do get old sheds torn down and build a pad for them, I’ll have to unload one, get 18 wheeler wrecker to move and set one, move everything back in (hopefully it won’t be much, gonna try to keep one empty) then move the other one.
6. Jack up, block and level shipping containers. After they are moved!
7. Go through BOXES of pictures, hang what I want on the walls, set aside rest for a yard sale. I have gobs of them. :barnie
8. Stain the front porch 2x6 floor.
9. Take sheep registration papers off pile on nightstand, organize and put them in file cabinet I finally got moved to my bedroom.
10. File and organize other important papers.
11. Move sewing machines home.
12. Move cedar chest home.
13. Move old trunk home.
14. Buy some new lawn chairs.
15. Go to Waco, watch sheep and goat auction. The ones around here suck. Waco is 3 hours away. Other good sheep and goat auctions are farther away, in west Texas.
16. Synchronize breeding so I have a load of lambs to take to auction. Keep the best for selling for breeding stock, what doesn’t make the cut, goes to auction.
17. Make a sign to hang on front fence by driveway with my address on it. Address is a private road that no longer exists. Makes it hard to find me.
18. Put trim up in house. It’s starting to bug me.
19. Learn how to cut trim. Eff up some, get it right, do happy dance.
20. Clean outside of house, vinyl siding.

That’s all I can think of right now. .


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Oct 15, 2017
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mid-Michigan, USoA
I am still in the hibernation mode and plan nothing seriously about 2024 goals yet, another 4 days to plan them. :woot

sounds perfect to me. i hope by then i forget the whole thing and just get on with life. :)

you have to understand, i'm a task oriented analyst sort of person so i'm always making lists and revising them, i rarely write them down, they change. once in a while i may even forget something, but that is probably a blessing. :)

as a task oriented person i'm very happy when i can finally cross something off my list.


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Jan 11, 2021
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S. Central Alaska
Scripture says, we make our plans but the Lord directs our paths; I must keep him pretty busy keeping me headed in the right direction?

With things pretty well dialed here on the property there are no big plans for the coming year, - - one day at a time, pay closer attention to the real things in my life. Step up when i can help, avoid strife, look closer, longer or harder at what’s going on around me And be quicker to offer a kind word or material support when needed.

My New year’s wish would be for a “Lamp full of oil and a trimmed wick!”

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