Autumn Corn report, 2020


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Apr 19, 2014
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Lower Hudson Valley, New York
Well, Fall has officially begun for me!

Yesterday, I bought my first Indian corn of the season (pumpkins show up so early here they are a poor bellwether, so I count fall from the corn)

So as usual I am starting a thread on anything interesting that shows up (I may mention pumpkins too, if anything interesting is there)

Not a lot so far of large (I suspect at this point the markets mostly are selling off their leftovers from last year*) Nothing really good for the door (what with most of it missing half it's kernels, or its shucks there's only one door presentable ear) But I found something of interest on three of them; one with some sweet kernels mixed in (those tend to show up early, since it is usually only the earliest tasseling Indian corn that is open when the sweet corn is spreading its pollen around) and two bunches with three ears (all dent) (one on one, two on the other) with a few nicely stippled kernels.

With all the corn I lost to critters this spring, I REALLY need to re-stock. Just my luck for this to be the year it is, with no safe way to get to the farmers market in Union Square (where I usually get about a third of my corn). Add on the fact that the mini non-pop is getting really old (it's pushing a decade) and next year may be last ditch.

Not much on pumpkins we got a small flattish white one just to have a pumpkin, but it is too small to carve.