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May 21, 2020
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If someone can get close enough to the garden to see a copper wire laying on the ground, I'd be more worried about security than the wire.
This guy moved into our area some years ago within 2 months we had people's sheds broken into and tools that was once safe too leave out your back garden before his arrival then started too go missing.

He was evicted but somehow managed too come back. I used him as many did too do the odd garden jobs but realising after a while he couldn't be trusted I found other people.

Then my previous next door neighbour had him doing their garden and as he was doing their back garden I caught him climbing up my fence and howled really loud at him.

He also was getting a lot of guys going around his back shed with vans parked up blocking local peoples access ( I suspected he was dealing drugs) then he was coming around with black eyes because he had upset some people. :\ I wonder why (sarcasm)

It upset me knowing there were two lovely young mothers that lived close too him and they were always on edge.
Then finally at long long last he was suddenly gone. These ladies told me they are in heaven with the replacement neighbours, I'm so happy for them and for everyone here.

One of the sheds that was broken into the guy that lives there had almost died on a few occasions, no one needed this kind of worry on top of everything else.

He used his girlfriend and she was so low, she called him several times but he ignored her calls all day then that night she hung herself...

She was there for him through thick and thin and when he almost had a heart she stayed at the hospital all night in a chair just too support him, within a few months after that she was dead, life can be so cruel.

It's sad these sort of people are given homes near decent and vulnerable people. I think he thought I was vulnerable until he heard me shout and letting him know I didn't trust him, at all.


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Dec 10, 2016
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East-central Wisconsin
A friend of ours grew ginger in pots for several years. While she did get a harvest, our growing season outside is too short for the rhizomes to size up outside. They would probably need to be started early under lights, to provide enough time for the ginger to reach a good size.

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