Corn Hunt, 2021


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Apr 18, 2014
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Lower Hudson Valley, New York
Hi all,

Well, after some initial panic about there being nothing (at least there being nothing I could get to since I still can't go to the city). I finally found the first good ornamental corn of the season.

To be 100% honest I did buy one bunch previous to today, about two weeks ago or so. But that was for some sweet corn kernels on one ear, and those were so few I just plucked them off when I got home; taking apart the whole ear seemed unnecessary (we DO need something for the doors after all).

It looks like better stuff has come in since then, since I found two ears with good spotting. To make things even better one spotted kernel on one ear is a sweet kernel, so I may be able to get a little farther on the polka dot corn on the cob project.

This assuages a bit the disappointment that it looks like my own corn isn't going to do anything (it's still only ankle height) and with it, the plan for a miniature flour corn is more or less finished (since I only have three kernels left).

Oh well, try next year with one of the miniature dent projects (probably the half strawberry one)