Crisp pickled peppers?


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Apr 28, 2010
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Palm Desert CA
The Mama Chicken said:
hoodat said:
In years gone by pickles were held in crocks in the cellar and not normally canned.
Fermenting is starting to be very popular again these days. I know of dozens of people who ferment their pickles in crocks in their pantries (not a lot of cellars amongst my friends.)
My mother kept large stoneware crocks in the cellar for making pickles. She made what she called eight day, ten day and twelve day pickles and I remember she had to do something or other to them every day or so till they were done, then she water bath canned them in mason jars. but other than changing the brine I'm not sure what it was she did. She wrote it all out but unfortunately when she had to go into a care facility all that sort of thing got left behind and lost. I still remember the sweet/sour and spicy taste of them. Some were on the table for almost every meal.

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