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May 21, 2020
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@Nifty can explain it better than me. I'll probably be wrong on some of this but I'll try.

Nifty owns the TEG, BYC, Herds, and SS sites and I presume makes money off of advertisers. The more active the sites the more money he makes. With all the traffic BYC has to be the cash cow, the other three sites can't be making enough to keep him in wine and cheese, let alone Christmas presents for his beautiful kids.

He and his coordinators maintain the different sites. They try to resolve problems we have and try to protect against scammers and viruses. They monitor content to a certain level, if they violate forum rules their posts may be deleted or they may be banned. Do you see the "report" tab, on my desktop it's at the bottom left of a post? I use that when a post shows up on here that I think is from a scammer or a computer instead of a human. When I say monitor content that does not mean they read every post, that would be impossible on BYC. They mainly rely on people reporting malicious content with that report button.

One huge problem has to be that the different providers and such like Chrome, Microsoft, and all the others are constantly upgrading and updating their programs. What worked before doesn't work anymore. Often a correction come in the next upgrade, but not always. We use different devices with different manufacturers. Desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, and whatever is new for Christmas. Can you imagine trying to keep up with all that? As aggravating as these changes are many are necessary. The scammers and hackers are constantly learning new ways to hack and scam us so they are trying to keep up with or ahead of the hackers and scammers.

BYC, TEG, and the others used to be on different platforms. I think that's the correct term. The forums looked totally different and you needed different skills to work them. Nifty has switched platforms on us before. For example, BYC got so big the platform it was on could not handle the traffic anymore so he upgraded. At some point he switched TEG and the others to the same platform, he and his coordinators only had to learn and keep up with changes to one. It makes it easier for users like us to use the different forums. I'm guessing on a lot of this that comes before, but especially on what follows. While BYC and TEG may be on the same "platform" they are probably on different versions, with different licenses, and on different servers. Changes to one does not always mean changes to another. Nifty just might use us as guinea pigs too. Before an upgrade on BYC, Herds, and SSS he tried the changes on this forum to work out the bugs before disrupting those other forums. He was nice enough to warn us about that and ask for feedback.

Marie, I just figure this is the world we live in these days if we care to participate. It is not as simple a world as we used to have, it requires learning new skills. Sort of like learning to drive a car instead of a horse and buggy. I resisted cell phones too and relied on a landline until that became not practical. One son and one daughter-in-law only use text. They don't answer a phone call and he does not check voice mail, if I need to actually talk to them I have to text them to get them to call.

Nifty, have I buttered you and your staff up enough. Anything you want to correct? I'm sure I got some things wrong.
I doubt you will have anything wrong. Everything you wrote actually made sense to me. I find the internet mind boggling but you actually got through, you should feel highly honoured indeed. ;) :)

After being tricked in the past I wouldn't use the internet for a fair few years and still won't go into places like fb for example. So I was a little concerned to see the emoji and reply box changes.

Thank you for putting my mind at rest !