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Oct 15, 2017
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well, ok, maybe this will be funny to y'all'uns, last night right before falling asleep there was an itchy spot in a delicate location and the adjoining buttcrack also had one. which made me realize that perhaps while sitting on the ground pillow and weeding yesterday one of the spiders had found a spot in my pantz... and then i also recalled that yes there was a creepy crawler sensation when i was out there for a few moments but i figured it wasn't anything critical since it did not persist...

we got a pretty good laugh out of it this morning when i told Mom that i had to check for milk duds (a reference to the blue collar comedy guys as Mom likes to watch that once in a while) and had not found anything, butt also since we'd had veggie pizza yesterday (with toppings like cauliflower and broccoli) that they were surely dead by now as i'd been gassing them out last night and this morning. also i'd checked the situation out this morning with the morning wee and there wasn't anything to be found other than the itchy spots.

all that said, i hope the creature managed to get away and never was brought into the house... i don't need any more spiders to hunt down...

p.s. thinking about butt crack protectors... normally i have a long shirt on which comes down over my pants no matter what the pants may be doing. it may be possible though that they came up the leg of the pants. with the deer wandering around in that back area next to the garden i was weeding i was also thinking about ticks, but i've not seen any of those yet this year. the smell of deer poo and pee was around pretty heavy though and as i walk over to the weed pile to empty the bucket i'm always watching for fresh poos to avoid.

p.p.s. there was also a very funny conversation about coffee creamer, chocolate milk (2% milk that was really 1%) and such but without the recording it would be hard to explain.
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Dec 13, 2007
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Okay ... Ricky Nelson & Friends


I went to a garden party
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But it's all right now
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