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Mar 17, 2021
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I'm from Lone Star, TX from the Lone Star state living across the road from Lake O' Pines.
Thanks for letting me in... Boy y'all's in trouble now lol

UPDATED: I traveled for 9 years and recently bought another place across the street from Lake O' Pines in Lone Star TX so I'm pretty much starting over. I like raised bed as a rule 4X8 feet and tall enough I can set on of course. So to start this season I'll be doing some of those plastic barrels cut in half like big flower pots which I've never done before a new learning curve.. I like growing some of it all really, I do have some chayote squash I've never grown I'M excited about those there coming up really good. I'll do some other squash like zucchini or straight necks, some of those English cucumber, then I bought some atomic tomatoes, black beauties tomatoes, some tiny tims and a normal looking red one beef steak. I lean towards the heirloom variety veggies myself but some times I see something new and I'll try it. Most years I always like trying a few new stuff that I might see in one of those I call'em seed porn catalogs lol. To me they are hard to not want to buy a bunch more seeds than I need my eyes are bigger than my garden so to say.. Also to help get the garden going I might try Ruth Stout been watching some youtub.
Well hope I didn't put y'all to sleep and I got a chicken pen but no chickens yet think old English game silver duck wings..
Y'all have a great evening. Just Don
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