Herb report 2021


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Apr 18, 2014
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Lower Hudson Valley, New York
To my surprise, a LOT of my herbs made it though the winter outside. That the Egyptian mint (Mentha nilaca) made it does not surprise me anymore (it did so last year as well). but my Syrian Oregano (Oreganum maru) managed to make it through the winter (with a lot of the herbs I like being Middle Eastern in origin, I usually do not expect them to be able to take the cold of winter here. The Pine Rosemary (Rosmarius agustifolius) made it though as well.

So I only had to re order three herbs, the cat thyme (Teucrium maru) the Conehead Thyme (Cordiothymus capitatus) and the Spanish Thyme/Cuban Oregano (Plectranthus amboinicus). Added a giant Catmint (Nepeta grandiflora) for good measure (and to keep Juniper a very happy kitty o_O) . Tripled up on the Spanish in the end as plants need to be ordered in sixes and I coudn't think of anything else I wanted (it will work out, with the amount of horatiki I make once heirloom tomato season starts I go through Spanish Thyme faster than it can usually grow!)