How the Fridge Changed Flavors


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Dec 13, 2007
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Even some of us who have lived with the refrigerator our entire lives probably prefer some vegetables straight from our garden. Keep in mind that we have to go a long way back in time to arrive at civilization's time before ice was harvested from frozen lakes and shipped around, even in wagons drawn by horses. Nevertheless, even for those of us who remember when the family kitchen had an icebox and not a fridge, well that was quite a long time ago.

Three quarters of the food that Americans eat has spent time, first to last, in refrigeration. This is an article that goes into some depth about it, The New Yorker LINK. Here is a little part of what I found interesting – in my quick perusal :) – a banquet put on by the industry, still very much in its infancy in Chicago, 1911. Enthusiastically anticipated, what followed was not all approval of the meal. One newspaper editorial fit into that group. “'There seems to be only one consolation,' the paper concluded: the Americans who remembered what food tasted like before refrigeration would eventually die off, while 'the generation growing up doesn’t know the difference and may be happy in its ignorance.'”

Wow! Well, about halfway down in the article, the author begins an exploration of what is being done to come up with a refrigerated tomato that can be better flavored. Good Luck with That.


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