July 4th 2020


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Aug 22, 2012
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SW Washington
We had a cul de sac party for this years 4th event on ours :cool:... families and friends ( totaling over 50+++ people )came with their own fireworks totaling over $4,000 worth of explosives ... started at 5 pm with bbqs and while the meats were cooking :drool... sparklers for the kids were enjoyed by one and all :celebrate, then progressed with huge explosives set off inside a 55 gal drum. Ground shook as the barrel rocked as the fireworks whent off and sounded like howitsers. o_O Shortly followed by ground fireworks set off by teenagers. then as darkness set in after 9:30 pm, rocket fireworks were set off. Not only on our cul de sac, but we had a 360* view of fireworks being set off that looked and sounded like WW3. Like our entire town was trying to shoot down alien evil forces from outer space . :eek: Our cul de sac set off the fireworks 3-5 at a time non stop until about 1am. We WON !!! :thumbsup

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