New here from Eastern Washington


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Dec 30, 2019
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Hello! Out here in Eastern Washington state, it has been into the 40's for the end of December. Definitely crazy weather for us and it still doesn't feel like winter!
I have been gardening for a few years now and I prefer fruits, vegetables, herbs, and even edible flowers! I currently have a fairly large garden with raised beds, a mini orchard (12 fruit trees) and some containers with various berries.
That said, I have recently been creating a large (56' × 70') pumpkin/corn/bean patch. We started with some awful dirt (can't even call it "soil") and, over the past few years, have been adding compost, leaves, chicken manure, fruit and vegetable scraps, garden scraps, and so on. Nothing has been tilled for almost 2 years but we have spread and filled some, as it is a semi-raised bed in order to level the area. We have sandy - sandy loam soil with large rocks that still need to be picked and it has been wet here.
So, given all that, "should I till it and pick rocks before the ground freezes, which could happen within the next week?" I hope to start planting buckwheat as a cover/green manure crop in the spring.
Thank you ever so much for any input! I look forward to being apart of this forum! 😀
Thank you for being here... sounds pretty cold there eh. :D don't worry... We will make sure that we will be warmer here in our forums. Welcome!!