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Mar 20, 2011
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Trinity County Texas
I’m in east Texas, normally lush and green, but kinda brown now and giant oak trees dying. Had to cut 7 on the new place I just bought, looks like 2 more are dead, 1 right close to the house. Sigh….. will have to have the tree cutter come back. He is interested in buying a ram lamb from me, have ewes coming due next month, so maybe we can work out a trade. One of his employees wants a ram too. My girls need to get busy!

I don’t have a garden this year and might not have much of one next year. Trying to get moved in, move sheep, dogs, paint, build fence, and so on.

This drought will end, probably with a hurricane, then we’ll have floods. Don’t drive through water over the roads. A mere 2” of water can float your car away. The saying goes, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.”

Stock up on necessities so that you don’t have to go to town and stay put during bad weather. Hurricanes make me a member of the Hunker Down Club. You are far enough inland that you won’t get hit full force, but still get wind and heavy rains that can knock out power. Have some candles on hand, or some Tac Lights, those are marvelous things!

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