Predigesting Organic Fertilizers


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Oct 15, 2017
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mid-Michigan, USoA
I believe @flowerbug is spot on and if i had greater acreage i would certainly follow a permaculture arrangement more closely.
We’re square ft. gardeners and i push it pretty hard so there’s no room for fallow areas.

in terms of space we're only using a portion of the 200ft x 400ft lot for actual garden space, much of the rest is decorative or mulched with crushed rinsed limestone or the house and the driveway, cedar trees and the north hedge all taking up a lot more space than we're using for growing vegetables. i wish i could use a lot more space... :) i'm trying to use more space... it takes work to convert and clean up past abuses and covered areas.

But; the heading of this thread “predigesting organic fertilizer” is exactly what takes place between the microbes and the plants in the rhizosphere; and more than likely where the phrase “feed the soil not the plant” comes from.
It’s interesting to hear the various methods employed by us’ens as we garden around the globe.😳

:) yep! :)

if i were a bit more willing to stop and harvest fresh roadkill i really would not have any shortage of nutrients here at all. just today i drove by several raccoons, groundhogs, rabbits... all just laying there... turkey vultures were already working on the rabbit.

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