Root Cellar-Anybody Have One, Want One or Ever Build One?


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Dec 13, 2007
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Quite a contrast in what was done in those 3 websites. Of course, the 2nd was what was done long ago. I have to say that the 3rd should have been done long ago instead of taking over 3 years. Obviously, the guy was otherwise engaged.

The 1st, Robert's, is really nice! Even a relative novice can work with concrete blocks. Building an arched concrete roof is kind of scary. I think I'd need to talk with someone fully knowledgeable before attempting that.

I don't know ... wouldn't a heavily insulated wood framed and decked roof with asphalt shingles be sufficient? Would you really "need" to have a poured concrete roof?

In college, there are starving students living in attics. When I was in college, I knew 3 students living in a former "ice house." It had been used for storing blocks of ice for delivery to ice boxes in people's kitchens around town. Needless to say, it hadn't been used for that purpose in decades! (Do I need to point out that I went to college after the invention of the electric refrigerator? Well! I should hope not!!)

Anyway. The ice house - big, 2 story building - had thick walls insulted with sawdust. Seems like if it was good enough to keep ice from melting through summer, it should be sufficient to keep veggies cool. And, with modern insulation, to keep veggies at the temperature of the surrounding earth, year around.

Steve ... :)