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Sola Flares affect moods?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by canesisters, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Sep 13, 2018

    canesisters Garden Master

    Nov 16, 2011
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    Southeast VA
    I don't usually post links to articles, but this one caught my attention because of the unusually high level of aggravation & agitation and the somewhat overly aggressive attitudes that I have seen all over the place lately. People just seem to be ... 'sharper' than normal.
    I would blame it on the hurricane - low pressure and anxiety and all. But it's not just us East Coast folks.

    Anyway - it's kinda long.. and has some of the 'touchy-feeley mumbo-jumbo' in it.. but I wonder if maybe there IS some correlation??

  2. Sep 13, 2018

    canesisters Garden Master

    Nov 16, 2011
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    Southeast VA
    September 11-12th Major Solar Storm

    Note: Solar storms are also scientifically proven to cause weather extremes and impact animals/pets too.

    Cosmic energy has been intensely high for some weeks, and today and tomorrow there are both G1 and G2 solar storms, which may be why many people are feeling incredibly irritable, edgy, and exhausted.

    This storm is due to “the arrival of a negative polarity coronal hole high speed stream.” High-speed solar wind (hot plasma) ejected from a hole on the sun a couple of days ago, and has travelled the 93 million miles to Earth at speeds of up to 2,000,000 miles per hour.

    Solar wind carries part of the sun’s atmosphere, which is one million°C gas. This gas is composed of highly-energetic electrons, protons, and alpha particles which give off huge amounts of plasma and crystalline frequencies. Our universe’s spiderweb-like magnetic energy field is known to be directly connected to our personal magnetic field, so the intensely energetic particles are believed to connect with our human electromagnetic field and activate and shift our conscious awareness. This can be powerful enough to lift our vibration to higher frequencies or dimensions.

    During the peak of the storm (today until tomorrow afternoon), we will likely experience temporary periods of reflection and frequently notice moments of déjà vu, intense waves of emotion, nostalgia, and may have vivid dreams or nightmares. This is our system’s way of encouraging us to purge and process past memories and the stagnant emotions they hold so we can elevate beyond our pain and heal old wounds.

    Solar storms are known to desynchronise our circadian rhythm, which is the internal biological clock that controls our sleep and wake times. This is due to our pineal gland being affected by electromagnetic energy, producing an increase in melatonin—thus disturbing our sleep and throwing our intuition and inherent orientation out of sync. Therefore, we may suffer from disrupted sleep patterns, exhaustion, and vivid dreams during a solar storm, and we also may have enhanced intuition and psychic awareness.

    Research has found that geomagnetic storms can have a huge effect on our emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health. Peaks in increased anxiety, depression, fatigue, and nervousness have been found to coincide with solar activity.

    One of the most significant signs there is a solar storm occurring is the increasing levels of anxiety that many people feel, which is usually unexplained and indirectly related to anything going on in our personal lives. Those who are highly sensitive to energy often wake up on the morning of a solar storm with high, and even chronic, anxiety and can’t quite put their finger on why or where it has come from.

    The impact can be so extreme that many people will feel as though they have entered a new reality as they leave behind their old, outdated thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. The transformation can be so powerful that it can propel people to leave any relationship or dynamic that is causing them pain or destruction.

    This is similar to the “ascension flu” that occurs when someone is going through an intense awakening period and their body is transcending from a physical one to a “light body.”

    Common Energetic Symptoms known to be Caused by Solar Storms

    >> Pressure headaches and general aches and pains, mainly in the stomach (solar plexus) area.

    >> Flushed, dizzy, or nauseous.

    >> Difficulty focusing, confusion, temporary loss of memories, forgetting things, misplacing items, or a “foggy mind.”

    >> Intense hunger or thirst.

    >> Extreme fatigue, exhaustion, lack of energy, insomnia, disturbed sleep patterns (waking up between 2 and 4 a.m.), and intense dreams, or nightmares.

    >> Seemingly out-the-blue bouts of irritability, frustration, panic, sadness, nervousness, anger, worry, fear, grief, anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

    >> Heightened awareness, enhanced intuition, premonitions, insights that seem to appear out of nowhere.

    >> Physiological symptoms may manifest, such as flu-like symptoms, ear ringing, or aches and pains.

    >> Appreciation that all life is sacred.

    >> Noticing synchronicities, i.e. certain number patterns reappearing.

    >> More consciously aware of other people’s energy fields and highly sensitive to negativity, walking away from drama and conflict.

    >> No longer needing to force anything, allowing what flows to flow freely, and letting what doesn’t flow fall away.

    >> Wanting to spend time alone; introspection.

    >> Aversion or sensitivities to particular foods and drinks

    >> Difficulty tracking time (time either feels too slow or at great speed)

    >> Premonitions, intense dreams, or nightmares

    >> Skin feeling irritable and/or itchy

    >> Struggles with communication, arguments, disagreements

    >> Electronic devices malfunctioning.

    How we can Ease Unwanted Symptoms Caused by Solar Storms

    Geomagnetic storms are intense transformational periods that can bring awakenings and reconnect us to internal and external universal knowledge and wisdom. To ensure we resonate with this higher energy so that our vibration is raised, we can combat the effects of solar activity by resting and taking time from our busy schedules to do the following:

    >> Drink plenty of filtered water (not tap water).

    >> Take saltwater baths.

    >> Meditate and remain aware of reoccurring thoughts and feelings.

    >> Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

    >> Spend time in nature.

    >> Consume high-vibrational foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

    >> Remind yourself that everything in the universe is made up of energy and that conscious thought and intention can instantly alter how we think and feel.

    >> Breathe deeply, forgive, release, and surrender.

    >> Practice kindness, compassion, acceptance, and empathy.

    >> Remain aware of reoccurring thoughts and feelings.

    > When possible, temporarily disconnect from technology, and anything that feels energetically toxic or draining.

    This study further explains the impact of solar storms on human behavior. http://rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/279/1736/2081

    Disclaimer: If you experience any of the symptoms listed here and you have medical concerns, please also seek the advice of a medical professional. The above symptoms are commonly noted during geomagnetic storms, however, there may be other medically-related causes.

    - [​IMG]
  3. Sep 13, 2018

    bobm Garden Addicted

    Aug 22, 2012
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    That or could it possibly be the wind storm comming out of the progressive mouths in riot torn streets / protest demonstrations , and Washington DC ?
  4. Sep 13, 2018

    Zeedman Deeply Rooted

    Dec 11, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
    East-central Wisconsin
    I would blame the crankiness on stiff necks due to stargazing. :D
  5. Sep 14, 2018

    flowerbug Garden Addicted

    Oct 15, 2017
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    Trophy Points:
    mid-Michigan, USoA

    Wish You Were Here
    Pink Floyd

    So, so you think you can tell
    Heaven from hell
    Blue skies from pain
    Can you tell a green field
    From a cold steel rail?
    A smile from a veil?
    Do you think you can tell?

    Did they get you to trade
    Your heroes for ghosts?
    Hot ashes for trees?
    Hot air for a cool breeze?
    Cold comfort for change?
    Did you exchange
    A walk on part in the war
    For a lead role in a cage?

    How I wish, how I wish you were here
    We're just two lost souls
    Swimming in a fish bowl
    Year after year
    Running over the same old ground
    And how we found
    The same old fears
    Wish you were here
    canesisters likes this.
  6. Sep 14, 2018
    Rhodie Ranch

    Rhodie Ranch Garden Addicted

    Nov 19, 2009
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    Southern Oregon
    I have a friend on FB in Columbia SC. She has a very special needs toddler, with a shunt due to hydrocephalus, deaf, delayed motor functions, and tons of other things. Two days ago, he went into shut down mode, to a very high degree. She and the med community said it was due to atmospheric pressure changes affecting his inner being. Not one specific ailment, but his entire wellness aura was disturbed.

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