Somehow, It's Funny that Way


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Apr 18, 2014
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Lower Hudson Valley, New York
I’ve had quackery that drove me crackers. They don’t sleep all night like a chicken. I don’t think they ever sleep. And they never shut up.
Then, like Weird Al Yankovic sung "I Want a New Duck",

Though, there is a on in a million chance that I might find out one day. Back when I was in grade school, I kind of made a promise to a certain duck in an enclosure behind the school that, in the event of societal collapse, I would come and save it, or any of it's descendants I could recognize. And I'm the kind of person who might actually decide I was honor bound to try and do it in those circumstances. It's halfway across the county (I was in a special program in grade school) and I have no idea if the enclosure even exists anymore (I've driven within a block of the area, but not past it explicitly). But, if the world falls apart while anyone of you are in lower Westchester County New York, and you pass someone driving with one or more completely metallic green ducks in the back of his vehicle, that might be me.

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