Tell/show me your favorite shade plants!


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Jun 9, 2018
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Vermont, USA (zone 4)
Alongside our brook, I planted these three perennial shade-loving plants and they have done well. At left in the photo, directly above the green watering can are little Scottish Bluebells. The large leafed plant with yellow flowers above/behind the bluebells is Ligularia Bottle Rocket, and to the right of these two plants above the cement block with variegated foliage is Painters Pallet "Persicaria Viginiana" a form of non-invasive Knotweed. This plant has dark red rather unspectacular small spire-like flowers in late summer.


In this second photo below is Fish Mint, which is growing in same area but not visible in above photo. This plant is edible and goes well in stir fries.


As is often the case Mother Nature tends to offer up plants that rival those that I've bought. The ferns in this brookside garden are wild, and this yellow flowered fringed loosestrife (below) also grows wild alongside my nursery-grown plants. (not sure if I took this picture or if it came from somewhere on the web)


In a corner between the front porch steps and the house, I once had several bleeding heart plants (no photo) which were lovely, but they died out. I'm not sure if they just have a short lifespan or if something killed them, but I encourage the jewelweed which always grew beside the bleeding hearts, and takes over this spot in late summer because it is loved by hummingbirds and bees alike, so I probably won't plant another bleeding heart, but you never know. Bleeding hearts like corner locations. I've tried growing them in other shady locations, but the only ones that thrived were in this little corner.
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Nov 24, 2020
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Pacific Northwest
I just finished making a small planter box out of a wood pallet. I put it in one of the only areas that is all shade in my yard. I can't keep anything alive in this corner because the dogs trample it if it's in the ground, hence the planter box. I have two more pallets and I plan on building two more planter boxes to put in this area. I'm hoping to eventually score a free or cheap bird bath (or something I can use as such) off CL.
I am looking to plant something that would blend in with a woodland garden look. I think the small grape vine I just found in my front yard is going to go in the back of the box. The wire fencing is not attached, I just stuck it in there to see if I want to use it as a trellis. The blue wire you can see in the picture is for the "underground" fence for one of our dogs (long story).




I am so unfamiliar with shade plants because I don't have much shade! What are your favorite shade plants? Tell me and/or show me pictures if you have them!

THANKS! :bow
Vinca and hydrangea are good shade plants