To late to trim cucumbers?


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Oct 15, 2017
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mid-Michigan, USoA
I would think so. Worth a try. My cucumbers produced like crazy last summer, despite being in full Texas sun. However, they were pickling cucumbers - that might make a difference.

we are much further north so i'm not sure how much that applies.

i have experience with three different kinds of cucumbers. the large burpee type for fresh eating, pickling cucumbers and some other type of pickling cucumber.

of the six or more years we've been growing them we've had them last the whole summer until we got sick of them and pulled them out except in one case where disease got them early. we stopped growing the large burpee kind last year because they don't pickle well. we keep them picked and watered and they kept on going.

looking at my records of canning i see that most of the time by mid August i've put up enough pickles and stopped canning them. in one case someone wanted more bread and butter pickles so i put some up in October.

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