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Gardening with Rabbits

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Oct 24, 2012
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Northern Idaho - Zone 5B
I just saw this. How horrible to have this happen at all, but right when the weather changes here and can do things outside. I started wearing shoes with stretchy something to keep the shoes on instead of laces. I was always having strings come untied and tripping, so these boots had hook eyelets and without the strings I had to walk careful and stand without my feet close or the eyelets from each boot would connect and I could not take a step and almost fall down, so I quit wearing those and we have a step with ice, Two steps down to patio and I make it down to the bottom and then I look for snow to walk in and not the patio where it is turning into ice from walking back and forth. Basically, when I go outside on ice, I think of Dr. Robert Atkins and he slipped on ice and fell backwards and hit his head and he died, so that and thinking of moving to Florida all winter each time I go outside to feed rabbits in the winter. I am very aware of ice now that I am older. I did something a few years ago that DS still laughs when he thinks about it. I reached over to knock a big icicle hanging off the house and some how just keep going and fell into a bush LOL. Hope you heal fast!